Monday, October 16, 2006

Presentation on using RSS feeds

RSS feeds are at the heart of the concept of a Connected Learning Community which we define as a group of people having an online presence (like a blog) which has an RSS feed who subscribe to each others' blogs through RSS feeds.

Why use RSS feed?

1. a quick way to scan huge amounts of highly specific professional information.


2. subscribe to blogs which gather information from a huge number of sources

3. You can see what experts in your field are reading and subscribe.
Example GO to Members

4. Can quickly see anything new anyone in your network has posted- an alternative to clicking through lots of blogs needlessly or overloading email inboxes.

Set up a feed for each class
Set up a feed for family
Set up a feed for colleagues to share information
Set up a feed for emails.


Bloglines is one of a number of feedreaders.

1) setting up a bloglines account
2) Creating folders
3) Subscribing to some of these feeds
4) Saving articles that you want to view later.

Let's loook at subscribing to a UK newspaper

This is a presentation Sean did a couple of years ago on blogs and RSS feeds for libraries

Here are some videos you can watch from home on how to use it
(Note Acces to Youtube has been banned by DET )

Bloglines Registration
1 min video on how to register for Bloglines-Good for very basic distance learners

Video Episode0011 - How to use
A good starter video on how to use bloglines about 4 mins

Adding Web Feeds
a 2 min video on subscribing to rss feeds with bloglines-shows how to right click on shortcut button

Add RSS feeds to Bloglines
explains that you should only seleve one feed from each source- very useful for beginners.

Saving Articles about 2 mins. Good tip. Nice voice short video on how to check keep box on bloglines to stop article from disappearing

Subscribing to a Blog using Bloglines
about 4 mins- covers basics of rss feeds and how to set up and use bloglines. Also how to install an update notifier (if you're desperate for stimulation!!)

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Mark van Harmelen said...

try this feed from Mark's post NB speedyfeed seems to have gone the way of a dot com....