Sunday, November 19, 2006

My plans for the holiday break

I am planning to have some lovely family time these holidays. My daughter Claire is coming home for Christmas (she lives in Los Angeles) with her partner whom I have not yet met so it will be great to show him around Sydney and catch up with her.

Before they come I hope to spend some time de-cluttering- getting rid of the things I no longer use or need !!!

I also hope to be able to spend a few days in a peaceful place in the country- I feel the need to get away from technology (which I love) and slow down and just enjoy the sounds of nature for a little while. One of my favourite places to unwind is Maleny, about two hours north of Brisbane... here is a picture.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A model of persuasive writing

Why should YOU care about Global warming?

Every one of us will be seriously affected by global warming. Many experts predict that it will end life as we know it, bringing drought, disease, tornadoes, floods, massive climate change, lost ecosystems.

And from sweltering heat to rising seas, global warming's effects have already begun.

If we do nothing this is what you can expect:

* Continuous water shortages
* Food shortages and starvation as farm land becomes unproductive
* Extreme weather- storms, cyclones, floods which bring plagues of rats and disease
* An increase in diseases for which there is no treatment
* A drastic reduction in wages and living standards,20867,20674023-30417,00.html
* Rising sea levels which will cause massive numbers of refugees- Australia could be forced to resettle millions whose homes have disappeared
* Increased conflict in the world which could see you or your children called up to fight overseas wars.