Sunday, November 19, 2006

My plans for the holiday break

I am planning to have some lovely family time these holidays. My daughter Claire is coming home for Christmas (she lives in Los Angeles) with her partner whom I have not yet met so it will be great to show him around Sydney and catch up with her.

Before they come I hope to spend some time de-cluttering- getting rid of the things I no longer use or need !!!

I also hope to be able to spend a few days in a peaceful place in the country- I feel the need to get away from technology (which I love) and slow down and just enjoy the sounds of nature for a little while. One of my favourite places to unwind is Maleny, about two hours north of Brisbane... here is a picture.


BiddyB said...

Dear Wendy,
Due to a multiplicity (a superfluity?) of choices, I've not visited this site for a LONG time. I hope your plans for the holiday break have been realised. I hope you are feeling refreshed and revitalised. May 2007 bring us all closer to peace, locally and globally, warmly,

Anonymous said...

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